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Adris Events

Upcoming Events

Adris host and attend various seminars. events and trade exhibitions throughout the UK to help both current and future clients reap the benefits of the latest design and support systems we offer.

With Autodesk technology offering businesses even greater opportunites to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplaces knowledge and vision are key, so if you would like information about other Autodesk CAD software or would like to set up an event please give us a call on 023 8086 8947

Current Events:


Attend this free online webinar which allow you to learn about Civil 3D in an easy an accessible way. By the end of the session you will find how Autodesk Civil 3D can help you with your projects and how you can use it within your business.

Read more: Autodesk Civil 3D Webinar


Autodesk Inventor Webinar

Join us for our Autodesk Inventor Webinar on Tuesday 29th July at 10.30am to discover this Autodesk software can help transform your projects and simplify your workflow.

In this free one hour web demonstration you will learn how easy and accessible Inventor is all from the comfort of your web browser.

Read more: Autodesk Inventor Webinar


Introduction to BIM with Revit Webinar

Building Information Modelling allows construction, manufacturing and infrastructure businesses to have a clearer view on how their projects are progressing from the initial concept stage through to construction/production and beyond.

Read more: Introduction to BIM with Revit Webinar


BIM For Manufacturing Webinar

When BIM was first introduced it was exclusively related to the construction industry but this restrictedness was soon dropped and the approach has expanded into a number of other sectors including the manufacturing industry.

Read more: BIM For Manufacturing Webinar


Advance Steel Webinar

If you are looking for an easy-to-use automated Steel Detailing software solution for everything from stadiums, to stairs or skyscrapers to bridges, Advance Steel will be able to help you.

Read more: The Advantages Of Advance Steel Webinar


BIM For Contractors Webinar

With BIM becoming an increasingly popular method of delivering construction projects and with BIM methodology being mandated for government projects going forward, increasing number of contractors are needing to get up to speed with BIM working methods and requirements.

Read more: BIM For Contractors Webinar


Digital Prototyping Webinar

Get To Market Faster & Reduce Manufacturing Costs With Product Design Suite

If you wish to discover and explore the range of software available within the Autodesk Product Design Suite and discuss its practical application throughout a typical engineering process then register for this event and we will be than happy to help.

Read more: Digital Prototyping Webinar


Oasys Mail Manager Webinar

Email Overload? File, find, share and archive emails quickly and easily with our mail manager solution.

Read more: Oasys Mail Manager


Vault Why Go Pro Webinar

Are you spending too much time keeping track of your design data?  

Autodesk Vault Professional, product data management software, can help you easily track all your design data, optimize your work process, and securely share your data with the extended organisation.

Read more: Vault Why Go Pro Webinar


Building Tomorrow Today

How To Make The Most Of Building Design Suite    

Autodesk Building Design Suite is fantastic value for money, so the webinar is aimed at clients who may not have yet made the move, and also clients that own the software and are still exploring the package.

Read more: Building Design Suite Webinar


Autodesk Certification Tests

Autodesk Certification is available for a variety of Autodesk Software products at professional certification level.

Read more: Autodesk Certification


Introduction to NavisWorks

NavisWorks is often described as the glue that holds a building information modelling project together, but the capabilities of NavisWorks goes well beyond it just being a vessel to hold multiple pieces of digital data from numerous proprietary computer aided design packages.

Read more: Introduction to NavisWorks

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